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2014/2015 “Help, support and sheltering of victims of domestic violence”

The Ministry for labor and social affairs once again supported the services that we provide for victims of domestic violence in the period from October 2014 until February 2015. Namely, our organization constantly provides: Crisis counseling and referral through the National S.O.S help line 15-315; Emotional empowerment and initial legal aid through education for victims of domestic violence and Crisis sheltering in a period of 24 – 48 hours, with capacity of sheltering 5 – 7 victims at a time.

Referrals and direct contacts in cases of domestic violence (October 2014 - February 2015):

-          total number of received calls on the National SOS line  - 471

-          total referrals to Centers for social work 216, total referrals to Police stations 71, total referrals to Health institutions 41 and total referrals of 27 to NGOs.

-          worker contacted referral agency – 50 times Centers for social work, 18 times  Police stations, 15 times NGO, 19 times Lawyer and 6 times official interpreter.

The referrals and the contacts were made according to the received call and the local jurisdiction of the institutions and organizations throughout the territory of Republic of Macedonia.

Crisis sheltering: in this period 20 women and 14 children victims of domestic violence were shelter in our Center.

Educations: total number of 58 educative sessions were provided in this period. In 33 of the cases women were provided also with  free legal aid and preparation of documentation. 


PayNet Macedonia introduced the possibility of donating to Crisis Center "Hope" through their terminals

In March 2015, Crisis Center "Hope" established cooperation withthe company PayNet Macedonia. PayNetis inovative system for efficient payment of overheads, such as water and sanitation, broadcasting fee, for mobile and fixed telephony etc. The payment terminals are avaliable 24/7, 365 days a year and will be installed throughout the country, starting with the central urban areas and then the rural areas. Through the Pay Net terminals, all service users will be able to donate funds intended for the needs and activities of the Crisis Center - "Hope".

For more information about the services of the company PayNet Macedonia, visit the following links:


2015 "Defining and piloting an integrated approach for the direct protection of victims of domestic violence offered by NGOs"

The aim of the project is to improve the access to quality and standardized support services for survivors of domestic violence, through piloting an integrated approach to immidiate support services, based on the minimum standards for CSOs providers of services in response to domestic violence. Thefolowing services will be standardized throughout the project: SOS helpline, long term sheltering, crisis sheltering, free legal aid and psychosocial support and counseling.

Crisis Center "Hope" participates in the project with standardization of the crisis sheltering service, and the other partners in the project are Organization of women – Skopje, SOZM Women's Forum - Tetovo. Organization leading the project is HERA.


ЕVN Macedonia supports the National S.O.S line for victims of domestic violence 15-315

EVN Macedonia once again recognized our need for support and cooperation in tackling domestic violence. In June, 2015 Crisis Center “Hope” and EVN Macedonia signed a one-year agreement for financial support of the National SOS line for victims of domestic violence thus ensuring the sustanibilty of her functioning 24/7, 365 days a year. The monthly amount of 9,225.ºº denars will be used for covering the total telephone and internet costs.


Donation calendar 2015

Тea Moderna and Konekt released for the fifth time the Donation calendar. Crisis Center "Hope"is once again part of the calendar in the month August under the slogan "For a life without violence." We are grateful for the support and recognition of the problem of domestic violence.

Read more about Konekt on the following link: http://donirajpametno.mk/


May – December 2015

“Help, support and sheltering of victims of domestic violence”

The Ministry of labor and social policy, during the period from May to December 2015 supported the services we offer to the victims of violence such as: Crisis counseling and referrals through the National SOS helpline for victims of domestic violence; Education of the victims of domestic violence, including emotional strengthening and basic legal support and sheltering of victims of domestic violence for a period of 24 – 48 hours.


Referrals and realized contacts for domestic violence cases:

- total number of received calls at the National SOS helpline – 545

- total referrals to Center for Social Work (CSW) – 208; 112 referrals to Police stations, 44 referrals to Health institutions and 56 referrals to NGOs.

- direct contact made by Crisis Center “Hope” realized 144 times with CSW, 49 times with Police stations, 71 times with NGOs, 86 times free legal support provided.

The contacts and referrals were made according to the calls received and the local jurisdiction of the institutions and organizations from the whole territory of R. Macedonia.

Sheltering:There were 24 women and 27 children victims of domestic violence sheltered in our facility.

Educations:there were 141 educational sessions in our facility, during these 8 months. 46 of those cases were given legal advice and provided preparation of needed documentation. 


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