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Continuation of the support from EVN Macedonia

EVN Macedonia supports the National SOS line for domestic violence 15-315. Crisis Center “Hope” and the company EVN Macedonia signed a contract to support the National SOS line for victims of domestic violence, which ensures sustainability and its smooth functioning 24/7, 365 days in the year.


Donation from the Embassy of Germany in Skopje

Crisis Center “Hope” signed a contract with the German Embassy in Skopje for improvement of the conditions for work in Crisis Center “Hope”.  This time the donation from the Embassy was to provide IT equipment.


Project “Strengthening and sheltering victims of domestic violence”

During the period from September to December 2016, the Ministry of labor and social policy again supported the services we offer to the victims of domestic violence such as: Crisis counseling and referral through the National SOS helpline for victims of domestic violence; Education of the victims of domestic violence, including emotional strengthening and basic legal support; and sheltering victims of domestic violence for a period of 24 – 48 hours.

Referrals and realized contacts for domestic violence cases:

- total number of received calls at the National SOS helpline -  297

- total number of referrals 185to the Center of Social Work (CSW),  71 referrals to the police stations, 40referrals to the health institutions and 53referrals to NGOs.

- direct contact with CSW 78times, 25times with police stations, 35 times with NGOs, 13 times with a Lawyer and 1 with court translator.

The contacts and referrals are made according to the accepted call and the local competence of the institutions and organizations from the whole territory of R. Macedonia.

Sheltering:in our facilities in this period there were 11 women and 10 children victims of domestic violence sheltered.

Education:there were total of 62 education sessions in our facilities, during these 4 months with 29 users. At the same time, in 20 of the cases we provided free legal advices and preparation of necessary documents.


Donation from Avon Macedonia – Speak up against domestic violence


Crisis Center “Hope” got support and donation from Avon Macedonia during October. The donation is for the project “Speak up against domestic violence” which will be realized during 2017. In the frames of the project there will be 12 workshops organized in five cities and the main goal is to influence the way this problem is considered, to raise awareness for its existence and to show the symptoms and mechanisms for protection and support. It is planned to have four events in Skopje and per two in Kumanovo, Strumica, Kichevo and Struga for representatives and activists of different NGOs will be enabled to get informed and gain certain skills to deal and treat the victims and information about the problem. Special part of the workshops will be directed to the victims of domestic violence who need psycho-social rehabilitation, encouragement and education about the ways how to gain skills for being financially independent, re-qualification and opportunities for re-integration in the society through gaining self-confidence back and courage to start a new life away from the violent partner.

In the frames of the same project, for the International day for fight against violence, 25th of November, group of members of Crisis Center “Hope” organized guerilla action on the main square “Macedonia” in Skopje.

The activists were carrying different slogans with messages related to domestic violence. The passers-by could be informed about the myths which can be often heard that men beating their wives are alcoholics or that the violence is not a big problem considering that every couple occasionally quarrels.


Reward from the municipality of Gazi Baba

At the celebration of the 40-years jubilee of existence of Gazi Baba municipality (03.11.2016), Crisis Center “Hope” was rewarded with a plaque, statue “Goddess Great Mother” and financial reward for significant achievements in the area of nongovernmental sector.


Programme for training of volunteers for support to victims of domestic violence

On 4 and 19 November, in Crisis Center “Hope” there were workshops realized to train volunteers to support victims of domestic violence. These activities are realized in the frames of the project Programme for training of volunteers, supported by municipality of Gazi Baba.


Project “Take care of yourself”

Crisis Center “Hope”, in December 2016 got support for realization of the project “Take care of yourself” from the Australian Embassy. The project comprises realization of 10 workshops, which will be organized in the first half of 2017. 

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