Activities of Crisis Center “Hope” for 2017


Project: Speak up against domestic violence

Objective of the project:Raising awareness for the problem of domestic violence, psycho-social support to victims of domestic violence

Period of implementation:November 2016 – October2017

Results achieved:

In the frames of the project there were 12 workshops organized, per two in Kumanovo (March 2017), Valandovo (April 2017), Kichevo and Struga (September 2017) and four workshops in Skopje (February, May, June and October)

Trained more than 200 women and activists for the problem of domestic violence, recognition and reporting

Organized more than 50 group psycho-social sessions with more than 100 victims and potential victims of domestic violence (January – October 2017)

Organized street action on the square Filip II in Avtokomanda (September 2017)


Project: Take care of yourself

Objective of the project: Raising awareness and economic strengthening of victims of domestic violence

Period of implementation: November 2016 – June 2017

Results achieved:

Organized 5 workshops for victims of domestic violence (January - June2017)

Organized 5 workshops for economic strengthening of women (January – June 2017)

Trained more than 150 women for the problem and dealing with it (January– June2017)

Organized street action in Skopje, Capitol Mall (April2017)


Project: Support, protection and sheltering of victims of domestic violence

Objectives of the project: Protection and sheltering of victims of domestic violence and psycho-social support of victims through organizing educational sessions (individual and group)

Period of implementation: September– December2017

Results achieved:

Referrals and contacts for cases of domestic violence:of the total of 251 calls at the national SOS helpline, there were 140 referrals to Center for Social Work, 131 to police stations, 24 to health institutionsand8 to NGOs. Direct contact was realized 61 times with CSW, 27 times with PS, 21 times with NGOs and once with a lawyer.

Sheltering:in our Crisis Center, there were 14 women victims of domestic violence and 8 children sheltered for a period of 24 to 48 hours and for that period they were provided with medicines, food, clothes, hygienic and transportation, i.e. escort to CSW Skopje. During their stay in the Center, they were also provided with psycho-social support and free legal advice.

Education:there were total of 110educational sessions with 55 victims in our center. During the education, there was risk assessment made, security plans made and social history, they were all given detailed information about the dynamics of the domestic violence, they talked about their experiences and their actual functioning in order to emotionally strengthen the victims. 15 victims were provided with free legal advice and preparation of legal documents.


Project: Become aware, recognize and report

Objective of the project: Reducing bullying in secondary schools

Period of implementation: (November 2017 – June2018)

Results achieved:

Printed 1000 flyers with information about bullying and how to prevent it

Organized 6 workshops, per two in the secondary schools SUGS “Pance Arsovski” – Skopje, SU “Goce Delcev” – Valandovo and SOU “Car Samoil” - Resen

Selected 6 volunteers to be trained for peer education for bullying from each of the involved schools

Prepared guide for bullying

The project is still running and will be implemented until mid-June 2018.

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