Name of the project: “Become aware, recognize and report”

Donor: Australian Embassy Belgrade

Period of implementation: December2017 – June2018

Target group: students in high schools in Skopje, Valandovo and Resen

Description of activities: Organizing workshop for awareness raising about the problem of bullying, organizing trainings for students to recognize the problem and reporting it and support their piers who are victims of bullying.

Results: More than 120 students educated about bullying in three highs schools; printed and distributed 100 guides for dealing with bullying; printed and distributed more than 2000 educational flyers; trained 18 high school students in the respective high schools.

Budget: 460.000 MKD


Name of the project: “Recognize violence and report it”

Donor: Municipality of Gazi Baba

Period of implementation: January– June2018

Target group: citizens of Municipality of Gazi Baba

Description of activities: Organizing campaigns for awareness raising about the problem of domestic violence, street actions on the territory of Gazi Baba municipality and social media campaigns.

Results: media presented project on the national TV station (MRTV), organized two street actions, printed and distributed more than 2000 educational and informational flyers.

Budget: 250.000 MKD


Name of the project:“Stop to domestic violence – sheltering victims”

Donor: Ministry of labor and social policy

Period of implementation:January- December2018

Target group:victims and potential victims of domestic violence

Description of activities:Providing information for professional and other types of help to the victims of domestic violence. Providing secure and safe temporary stay from 24 to 48 hours, connection and referral to relevant institutions and strengthening the services of work with victims of domestic violence.

Results: During the whole year, more than 500 victims received professional help and support, 263 victims were referred to the Center for Social Work, 169 were referred to the Police stations, 37 were referred to health institutions and 22 to Non-governmental organizations. There were total of 79 victims sheltered, i.e. 27 women and 52 children for a period of 24 to 48 hours. There were total of 66 educational and psycho-social sessions and there were 102 educated women – victims of domestic violence.

Budget: 1.100.000 MKD


Participation in the action “Feed 10.000” organized by the network Site Siti

Crisis Center “Hope” as a member of the network Site Siti, participated in two humanitarian actions organized by the network, for collecting food to help socially endangered and vulnerable categories of people. One of the actions was organized in September and the other in October 2018 and during these actions there was food collected which was distributed to 16 women – who were previously sheltered in our crisis center.


Donation from German Embassy

German Embassy in Skopje, supported Crisis Center “Hope” once again with a donation. During the summer 2018, after a couple of floods in the Center, large part of the furniture and equipment was damaged. Most of the damaged things were thrown and with the donation from the German Embassy the office furniture and part of the technical equipment were renewed.

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