Project: “The fight against domestic violence does not stop with the start of the crisis situation”

The aim of this project is breaking the circle of domestic violence through measures for prevention and protection undertaken in a crisis situation caused by the COVID-19, and specific objectives are: Continuous providing psycho-social support and legal advices for victims of domestic violence and Education of victims of domestic violence sheltered in Crisis Center “Hope” on how to deal with the coronavirus.

In the crisis situation and the restriction for movement of citizens make people stay closed in their homes, which additionally can contribute to increase of the frustrations and intolerance, especially for those people who previously showed violent behavior. In a situation of physical closeness with the perpetrator, the victims might not have many possibilities to report domestic violence using their phones, so, the messages through email or social networks can be an easy way to report violence and be their way out of the violent environment. In that direction is this project for reporting domestic violence online and necessary sheltering of victims of domestic violence from 24 to 48 hours until getting the necessary support from the relevant institutions.

After proclamation of a crisis situation in our country, because of the pandemic caused by COVID-19, there were a set of measures brought which influence the intensive increase of the stress for citizens, frustrations, fear and concern about the future, which might be triggers for aggressive behavior, nervousness, increased need for control and expression of power, violent conflict resolution and increased use of violence. This put the women and children directly in risk because they are forced to stay in their homes with the perpetrators, to live in increased risk of violence and life-threatening environment. Focused on providing instant help and support to victims of domestic violence, the professional team of Crisis Center “Hope” will contribute to direct and indirect information and referrals to the victims of domestic violence, through the national SOS helpline and online campaign through the social networks. The victims will be provided with appropriate psychological and legal advices and the trained staff, engaged in this project will help the victims to create their own personal safety plans.

The planned activities in this project are the following:

A1: Crisis consultation and referrals through the SOS helplines (National SOS helpline 15-315 – Telephone of confidence)

A2: Providing hygienic packages with disinfection means for the victims sheltered in Crisis Center “Hope” before they leave the center

A3: Online campaign for awareness raising about domestic violence and where to report it.

The project is financially supported by the programme of Civica Mobilitas.

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