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Preventive program
The trained staff of Crisis Center " Hope " almost 10 years continuously works on protection, education and raising awareness and knowledge about domestic violence through workshops, trainings and campaigns that include promotional/informational materials for the work of the association, media interviews for television, statements for the print media, as well as its own website. We use all of these different tools for presentation of our work and exploration of the problem of domestic violence, its dynamics, escalation and most importantly information for self protection or for helping somebody else. 
Domestic Violence
The development of the preventive program begins in 2004 and since then we have implemented more than 20 projects in more than 10 cities (Debar, Prilep, Strumica, Kumanovo, Kicevo etc.) on the territory of Macedonia, with special emphasis on the City of Skopje and the Municipality of Gazi Baba. We are experienced in working with the following target groups: women, rural women, young women and girls and boys high schools. It is important to note that while working with different ethnic groups we take into account the cultural specificities of each group associated with risks of violence against women and domestic violence.
Violence against women
The preventive work in this section is consisted of workshops and trainings for young girls and women, introduction to the problem of violence against women (sexual harassment in school, on the streets, on the workplace, violence by intimate partner, violence from a family member, etc.). Through these workshops and trainings definitions of violent versus healthy relationship are presented and explained, then myths and facts about sexual harassment, personal care and steps for assistance and protection from institutions of the system.
In addition, the workshops and trainings are dynamic and interactive, with chances for debate and discussion with the participants where they can express their views on the above issues, the impact of society, pop culture and the media on their views and attitudes.
Comments from participants:
There should be more organizations to protect women’s rights.
I liked most that the workshop was relaxed, interesting and very useful. We should know these things.
I find the workshop as very useful. We should have the possibility to attend more similar workshops in order to be well informed.
2000-2002 "Crisis Center “Hope” and Phone of Confidence” Aim of the project: Extending capacities of Crisis Center “Hope” for sheltering victims of domestic violence. Activities: - ...
2009 “Strengthening National Capacities to Prevent Domestic Violence” Aim of the project: - Decreasing the level of family violence in the Republic of Macedonia through increasing the ...
2010 “Help, Support and Sheltering for the Victims of Domestic Violence” The support of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy for the realization of this project was used for our ...
  2011 Activity conducted in partnership with V-day Macedonia 2011 Activists from the movement V-day which are licensed for Macedonia organized the performance “Vaginal ...
2012  Help, Support and Sheltering of Victims of Domestic Violence The Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, in a period of 5 months, supported the service provision that our center ...
2013 Training - "Quality Standards and Challenges in Different Types of Counseling on Violence against Women, Girls and Children - Especially for Victims of Sexual Violence” On 01/10/2013 and ...
2014 Workshop: ”Recognizing and Treatment of Victims of Domestic Violence“ The team of Crisis Center “Hope” in collaboration with Re-Medika on 6th and 7th of May realized two educative ...
2014/2015 “Help, support and sheltering of victims of domestic violence” The Ministry for labor and social affairs once again supported the services that we provide for victims of domestic ...
2016   Continuation of the support from EVN Macedonia EVN Macedonia supports the National SOS line for domestic violence 15-315. Crisis Center “Hope” and the company EVN ...
Activities of Crisis Center “Hope” for 2017   Project: Speak up against domestic violence Objective of the project:Raising awareness for the problem of domestic violence, ...
ACTIVITIES IN 2018 Name of the project: “Become aware, recognize and report” Donor: Australian Embassy Belgrade Period of implementation: December2017 – June2018 Target group: ...
ACTIVITIES IN 2019 Name of the project:“Protection and sheltering of victims of domestic violence” Donor: Ministry of labor and social policy Period of implementation:January- ...
Project: “The fight against domestic violence does not stop with the start of the crisis situation” The aim of this project is breaking the circle of domestic violence through measures for ...

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Project: “The fight against domestic violence does not stop with the start of the crisis situation” The aim of this project is breaking the circle of domestic violence through measures for...



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