If you are in doubt whether you’re in an abusive relationship, then you should ask yourself: – Have you ever been afraid of your partner? – Has your partner ever threatened to hurt you? – Does your partner control all finances (including yours)? – Does your partner pushes you, throws things at you, or forces you to have sex with him? – Does your partner is following you or showed up uninvited at your job or when you’re out with friends?

If at least on some of the questions you answered “yes”, it is likely that you are in a violent relationship.

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Затоа што насилството повредува, а болката не е безначајна. Ве разбираме дека е тешко да се разговара со некој кој е непознат за вас и затоа имаме огромно разбирање, трпение и време за да ве сослушаме. Притоа Ви гарантираме доверливост и анонимност. Ако чувствувате дека можеме да Ви помогнеме, побарајте нè на Националната СОС линија за жртви на семејно насилство 15-315. Линијата е достапна 24 часа секој ден во неделата.

Недискриминација и почитување на личноста на секоја индивидуа е примарно начело според кое се води секоја консултантка-помагач која работи во нашата организација. Доколку Ви е непријатно да се искажете преку телефон, а сакате да добиете информации за динамиката на насилството или пак законските можности за заштита, оставете порака во нашето електронско сандаче sovet@krizencentar.org.mk. Кризен Центар „Надеж“ веќе 20 години нуди поддршка и помош за жени кои поминувааат низ тешки животни искуства кои со себе ги носи насилството.

Testimonies of women victims of violence

I was abused for 12 years, mentally and physically. My life was hell, an everyday torture. First I thought everything will pass, I was hoping that he would change, and it turned out that he changed, but the situation became worse, he was worse. When I lost hope that anything would change, I was telling myself “leave it be as it is”… Because of the children, it’s right for them to grow up with two parents. But no, having a father is not the most important thing. The most important is what kind of person their father is; the children need a healthy environment for living. I didn’t have the courage, I was afraid to leave; I was constantly under pressure and threatened to be killed. The more I tried, the more I was sinking... But there is a limit. The crucial night was when I was beaten and humiliated in front of my children, I didn’t know about myself... And then I said “ENOUGH”... That night I made the best decision in my life, I said to myself not to be afraid, I packed up and left. I have sworn that I will never come back, because I knew that if I ever come back I would have signed my own suicide. I forced myself to be strong and not give in to him, get back my confidence because now when I’m alone and have peace I know how much I value as a person. No one deserves to live a life with torture and without the slightest respect. It is not a destiny, we create our own destiny. If I waited for my own destiny, I dread to think what would have happened. Now I live alone with my children and live a normal and peaceful life as I always wished for... I’m still scared and live in fear, but I am peaceful because my children aren’t witnessing any of those events anymore... And I'm proud that I managed to protect them. Things slowly, but surely are returning to normal. It was worth that I left and I don’t regret it because I know that I and my children deserve much more and a better life than the one we had.

"I was married for 14 years and the marriage was a living ​​hell. The days were filled with fear, if I will be beaten again that day? I decided to put an end to such a life. I left! Now I'm happy, confident and serene again!"

I was a victim in a violent relationship. I tried to leave him many times, but I kept going back to him over and over again. And then I got the wake up call. I realized that I cannot go on living in fear and wait for the next episode, whether he will stalk me outside my home, barge in at my work place… I was repeatedly circling the same circle… Well yes! The fear was the main reason that put an end to my misery. I realized that he will never change and that I do not want to re-live any of those horrible episodes. And now when time has passed I feel liberated and stronger coming out of that relationship. Without any fear I walk down the street again or entering the building where I leave. The most essential part in this story was the selfless support I got from my parents and my friends.