2000 – Establishment of Crisis Center "Hope" - The founders initially organized training for volunteers to work on this issue in Arzamas - Russia, where they learned the experiences of the functioning of several crisis centers of Russia.

28.10.2000 – The first call was received on the Telephone of confidence 02/3173-424, operating within Crisis Center “Hope”. The call was made by a woman victim of domestic violence. The working hours of the Telephone of confidence in the begging were 9 – 17h.

18.11.2000 – The first woman victim of domestic violence was sheltered in the Crisis Center “Hope” premises.

24.12.2000 – Crisis Center trained staff provided the first education for women of domestic violence. The woman was in need of support and empowering.

2001 – Registration of Crises Center “Hope” as a legal entity.

2002 – Opened second line of the Telephone of confidence 02/3175-516.

2004 – Crisis Center "Hope" increases the working hours. The two Telephones of confidence are available from 9 to 21h.

2004 – The first workshop on domestic violence was held, as a beginning of the preventive work of the center.

2007 – Избран е волонтер на годината од тимот на Кризен центар „Надеж“.

2010 – Within CC "Hope" is opened the National SOS line 15 – 315 which is available for the entire country 24/7.

2010/2011 – Crisis Center "Hope" begins with trainings for local SOS lines for victims of domestic violence.

2012 – Кризен центар „Надеж“ се вклучува во програма за стандардизација на НВО и кои обезбедуваат бесплатна правна помош на жртви на семејно насилство.